Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hi ho come to the fair!

we made our now annual trek to the nys fair yesterday. we were accompanied by my home herd......of humans. i wanted them to have the experience, because there is nothing like it. i remember going as a teenager with friends ... and it hasn't changed much which is a good thing!

so... jess and i demo'd spinning for four hours in the wool center

we learned how to navajo ply. it is a skill that i've wanted to acquire, but didn't know where to get it! a gal in the wool center showed us and then watched me practice on jessica's bobbin. good thing to have friends.

we strolled the fair grounds sampling the quarter milk, dollar potatoe and all the displays. for the first time, i made some purchases (i think it was stress from having the herd with me)

the mass of humanity is overwhelming! 77,000 people = lots of people!
ended the day happy and replete.....
can't wait til next year.

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