Saturday, May 21, 2011

shepard's market

this morning as i was sitting at the end of my drive, waiting to be retrieved by amythefibergoddess, i realized that if all the doomsday predictions came true, it was a good life that i was leading. my family is together, safe, healthy and happy. i hold all my siblings close to my heart. my friends are true, self-less and loved. and i have fiber. lots of fiber.

the sun (which hasn't been seen in days) was shining on us as we made our way to the 4th annual market. i was thrilled to not have any agenda to attend to, just spin and be amy's minion!

all the fiber peeps were there... chatting & spinning.

joan purchased the most amazing pelt from nistock farms, long curly heavy creamed colored locks. simply fabulous. being an honest friend, i encouraged her to purchase the one that i loved the best..... and then decided i needed one exactly like it. they are one of a kind.

so, i placed my order with robin for possibly next year. we spent the entire day sitting with it draped over our two spinning stools and i was in tactile heaven!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


every time i looked at my ravelry page, i felt like a big slacker. no new projects started, still working on the arm-less sweater. it was depressing.
the reason was that all of my knitting focus was on the handcovering exchange. last fall, the guild started a handcovering exchange of fiber. it was to be kept top-secret so the recipient did not know who was working on their fiber. really, i couldn't even remember the fiber that i put in or who had my name and i was the facilitator of the project. but anyway, i acquired a bag of baby alpaca in a light brown. spun it very fine, in fact it was some of the nicest spinning i've done. then the pattern. knowing who would be wearing these mitts, i wanted them to be perfect. i checked out her ravelry page, watched what she had on her hands during the winter months, and found the pattern. the only pattern that would do.
this was about the time i wrecked my elbow, so the parts all sat together in my project bag waiting. i started knitting about mid-april knowing that i could just whip these babies up. well, i ended up knitting them six- s i x- times. the first was finished, and i was cruising on the second when i realized that i was going to run out of yarn. i ripped back to the beginning, removed some rows and reknit. i still was not going to have enough, so i ripped again and shortened the cuff. well, it seemed better so i ripped out the first and reknit it. as i was finishing the second mitt, i was literally felting pieces of yarn together to complete them. i wove in the last ends at 9:00 pm the night before the exchange. the next morning i learned that my recipient wasn't going to be there.
but the mittens are done!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

fiber fumes!

maryland was a blast! sadly, my travel companion has a back injury that mad the trip agony for her... but as a true fiber-addict she toughed it out (and had great drugs :)
the travel was wonderful, even when i got lost it was easily fixed (no thanks to gps.. just a good sense of direction)
the weather was sunny and comfortable, the crowds manageable and it was a fiber-fantastic time. we started in the barns, this gal is a merino from california whose fleece is delicious. these babies were winning in the show ring and also the fleece judging. next year i may just come home with the shirt off her back.

gayle's fiber art was my first and biggest hole. i left her a sizable financial donation for a ton of lovely fiber. her colorways are so beautiful and well dyed that once i got buying i was out of control.

and the fleece sale. yes, i did. a silver gray cormo mix is being split by joan and i. i'll post pics soon of all my finds, but for now..... happy mom's day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

because you may run out

trying to get everything settled in my head and home before i venture off to maryland for the sheep and wool festival. this will be my third visit and i'm still feeling like a (well, i want to say virgin... but that's a bad 80"s reference and would really date me) newcomer. i've been scouring the website and ravelry adding vendors to my list. i even sorted through some fiber to make sure i don't do a color repeat. this is the reason that i need an ipad, but that's a different post.
so here is my travel fiber. sandy and i are going alone, so there's plenty of room to tote wheels and it is a fiber festival and she is the first travel companion i 've ever had who not only suggested it, but insisted that we should! it's gonna be a great trip. as i was standing there debating if i needed more, my partner asked 'don't you buy this stuff there?' well, yeah. but it just makes complete sense to travel with 8 ounces of spinnable fiber. never mind that it would probably take me days to spin all that, but you never know. it's going! now to work on clothes.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

project hell

this is my hand-covering exchange. it hates me. i am starting to hate it. we must get past this. quickly.
the guild has a fiber exchange program that we do in the fall and return at the may meeting that then becomes our display for the annual fiber festival. great idea, loads of fun.... unless you are me. i got my fiber spun right up, and after little debate chose the perfect project. i was deep into all my other mitten, hat and sweater knitting, so let it slide. then i wrecked my elbow. no knitting for three l o n g weeks. i started gradually and all was going well. until.
i knit the first mitten. it was a bit big, but i was willing to let it go. knit the second and saw that i was not going to have enough yarn. ripped it back and reknit it following the directions to make a smaller size. still ran out of yarn. ripped them both back to the fifth row, steamed the yarn to remove the wrinkles and i'm going again. same pattern modified for size ( and yarn amount) my elbow is not holding up well under the stress-knitting. it doesn't matter, these will be done. for next weekend's meeting.

on a happier note, i took the yarn winder for a spin (hah) with this beautiful yarn. it is falkland -i love the bounce and softness- in blueberry patch by spinning bunny. this is my second batch of falkland and i really enjoy it. since i'm headed to the maryland sheep and wool festival this weekend, i may just try to find some more there.