Friday, November 9, 2012

New England Fiber Fest

Last weekend sandy ( longmeadow farms ), cc and i headed off to springfield, massachusetts, for the final fiber festival of the year. sandy was a vendor last year and decided to come back again. we filled two vehicles with all sorts of wooly goodness ( and our luggage) arriving late afternoon.
yes, we were those clown cars that you see traveling down the thruway, wondering just how that fit that much stuff into a vehicle. the goal is to sell enough so that we can fit ourselves (and purchases) in more easily for the trip home.
soon looked like this......
sandy has a great spot at the end corner, so we get traffic from two direction and have a nice presence as the booth on the end.
saturday was quiet, but steady with shoppers. after having been in the crush of rhinebeck, i appreciate the slower pace of this festival. i wandered out several times to sight see and found that i could get into each booth, linger and chat with the vendors. it was a wonderful laid-back vibe.
i was able to stitch away on my color affection wrap, making it (finally) to the short rows.....
we arrived home sunday evening, not tooooo tired. we're booked again for next year. and my purchases?????
two scarves to add to my collection, the color grid by kangeroo dyer - been on my wish list for a bit- and several skein of 'bb toes' by tuckerwood farms. i seem to be on a wrap kick!