Friday, July 29, 2016

the dyeing has begun

Last week amythefibergoddess and I were looking at the calendar, realized that the month was zooming past and set a date to start dyeing. We usually try to choose a day that not only works into our schedules, but is a tad bit cooler. Of course with this summer, that is impossible! She had a plan to start with the yarn that would be come a sample shawl. Having had so much fun knitting Reyna, I jumped at the chance to knit another.
It is intimidating to look at all that empty yarn and see the color. Thank goodness that is not my job! We start with a set of colors, then more get added in..... or taken out and before you know it there is a bucket of beauty.
Since I was knitting the sample, I got first dibs on the skein that sang to me...

can you stand it? I could hardly wait for it to dry so I could cast on!
Not to worry, there will be lots more in  her booth at the 2016 Finger Lakes Fiber Festival!

Friday, July 15, 2016

it's been awhile....

a very long while and every time i had a moment to post... it just didn't happen. it had been so long, too long and how do i get back in the groove. do i really want to? well, here i am. posting. i missed it and i've got lots to catch up with.
maryland was a blast! i always hope that my memories of the past year don't outshine the experience. they did not. my travel companions were a new mix this year and we all got on fabulously. i came home with fiber, weaving tools, weaving yarn and a basket. can't wait until next year.
the month went by in a blur and i was packing the family for a trip to new england. my biggest decision were knitting projects. i still had that blasted noro shawl to finish and new that being trapped in the car was probably the only way that sucker was getting done!
we spent several days on martha's vineyard and may basket went everywhere. i kept knitting .....
and knitting.......

and finished just as we were boarding the ferry to come home. full disclosure, i spent time working on a few other projects to keep myself from pitching the thing into the ocean. i started reyna with a tube of fiber optics cashmere gradient. i also worked on a tulip baby sweater and even a kit that i got at msw.

the trip was a prelude to a wedding in providence, rhode island. the event was lovely..... and outdoor wedding at addieville farm. you just never know what the weather goddess may challenge you with, but it couldn't have been nicer.
we no sooner got home and sunny arrived. who's sunny?
sunny is a Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy. after much consideration, applications, home visitations, training classes, puppy-sitting...... we became a puppy raising family. my youngest is the primary raiser, but it takes a village to make this work. we attend weekly classes, and every moment is a teachable moment in dog raising. she goes everywhere with us. everywhere. socialization is a big focus during the months we have her. getting her used to every day experiences, places, situations, smells, sounds, you name it! so if you see us out and about, ask for an introduction!
so far the yarn and fiber have not been of big interest. she did find a skein, but i chose to take that as a suggestion to start a project. i cast on quaker yarn stretcher boomerang. i'm not sure what the yarn is, that tag was enjoyed by the other canines in the house. i love the way this is coming out and i know i'll be making many of these.
so there i am... up to date.
i'm still weaving. i bought some cotton in maryland and the plan is for towels. i've got to find time to sit and get them done. i'm also very quietly participating in the tour-de-fleece. my only goal is to spin every single day. it may only be for five minutes, but so far the goal is being met.