Sunday, December 29, 2013

the fiber ladies

the holiday is passing with still a bit more celebrating to go here. my family gathers just after the new year to have our family christmas. with so many grown with families ( and extended) families of their own, we choose to wait a bit to get everyone together. i completed an awesome craft ( outdid myself ) and will soon be able to show the completed item.
earlier this year, my dear joan became a grandma for the first time. as soon as we heard the news, we got busy creating all sorts of goodness for the babe. i started on a baby blanket making jag that lasted for several months, with this babies being my favorite. we only saw pictures for so long, and were thrilled that she was coming to grandma's for christmas. friday, we headed off to buffalo to meet miss molly!
she is a keeper! bright, cheerful and full of smiles. she happily modeled her 'not-a-hat-sweater' and her watermelon hat. slightly out of season, it still was adorable. her mom and dad were generous with their appreciation for all 'the fiber ladies' did. i imagine that there will be more heading her way.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


i've been busy finishing up all those things that need to be finished at this time of year. in some ways, it snuck up on me. then, i realized that i was ahead of the curve with others. holiday gifts? done and wrapped! cookies?

well, they're baked and waiting for frosting. still one more batch to mix... my mom's extra special ( and labor intensive) date cookies. i took these over a few years ago when she just couldn't do it anymore. this year, they will be especially special!
the gingerbread houses are ready for delivery. unfortunately it is pouring rain. umbrella's will be needed... in december.....after a week of snow!
i did make some time for fiber. i dyed a fleece with sandy in july and set it aside.
 i pulled it out this week and started combing some locks...
and because i couldn't stand the suspense, i spun some
love it! it is beyond time consuming. i've started combing a handful after dinner and when i get a nice pile i'll spin it up. some day..... it may be yarn.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

christmas on the farm

the first annual christmas on the farm hosted by amythefibergoddess was lovely! the weather was perfect, chilly and clear, so folks could easily get out and feel festive. the first shoppers arrived just before ten, and then it was a steady stream until the end.
sweet ornaments, delicious handmade jelly, stylish jewelry and lots of fiber to be had. i chatted with old, old friends, new friends, co-workers, it was a diverse group of shoppers.
i loved seeing all the yarn that i helped paint all pretty on display.... waiting for a wonderful new home and project.
these fellows were my favorite and they all went to homes before i could capture one.

the many sheep bodies that i stitched and stuffed were beautifully finished by amy's hands. that gal certainly has a vision and the skill to execute it! my family had seen all the carcase's in various stages and just could not grasp how wickedly cute they would be.
i'm hopeful that she will have a 'second-annual' event next year. i'll be smart and get my stuff sooner ;)

Friday, December 6, 2013

little pines

i've been busy, busy, busy helping amythefibergoddess prepare for Christmas on the Farm. We've been painting yarn, and brainstorming ideas for her event. she truly has a knack for pulling these things together, and i'm along as a sounding board.... and a 'hey can you do this?' helper.
earlier this week ( and by earlier i mean monday) she calls and tells me about a new pattern that she found. so i'm thinking... 'when does she have time to look at ravelry for patterns', but choose to just go along with it. so the pattern is for wee tiny little pine trees that you put over a wine cork. are you with me? wee..... tiny..... trees. before i even realize what is happening, i'm knitting
trees! all of my yarn had been packed up and sent to the garage for the holidays. i had to rummage around for green yarn (not a problem here). my love of all shades of green paid off.

tonight i made it to ten completed trees. it takes me forty-five minutes to make a tree. it's like eating popcorn... you can't stop at one kernel. if you're in the area i hope to see you on the farm!