Thursday, September 4, 2008

look at me ply

so my goal was to turn this into yarn. and not just any type of yarn,i wanted the color in it to match up when i plied it.

so i had carefully split the roving (spinners hill from 2007 fiber fest) divided again and spun two bobbins in sequence..... at the fair.

i was shocked that i kept it all straight and completed what looked like equal bobbins. then i started plying in the traditional way...... yuck! it was becoming obvious that all my efforts were in vain as nothing matched completely.

so instead of continuing, i set up to try the new technique i learned.

behold a skein of yarn! good thing i had jessica with me to remind me how to do it.

i looks awesome. it is a little twisty is some spots, but overall i couldn't be happier.

we then practiced on jessica's current project. by jove, i think we've got it!

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