Sunday, August 17, 2008

spinning day

the third saturday's of each month are my treasured spinning days. a day to spend with other fiber enthusiast's doing what we do best. wearing my 2008 tour t~shirt, i shared my achievement with the group...and then entered my product into the festival competition.

on the heels of the tour idea., my fiber guru (aka amy) formulated a plan to present the guild with our own challenge. it will soon become apparent to anyone who reads this blog that i am always up for a challenge. i am your go-to girl for any new creative endeavor. most times this has culminated in a very cool experience...but there are those times where the learning curve hurt. this does not ever slow me down!

the challenge??? we asked the members to choose a fiber, spin it and knit a scarf using the same pattern. the pattern is the morning surf scarf found in the latest issue of spin-off. there were several that came to the meeting and they are gorgeous! we asked each participant to document their progress with photos and written word. there was lots of interest from the petite group that was there. we'll do a check in at the december meeting and hopefully get more on board. the plan is to have all these creations displayed at the 2009 festival. woo hoo!

so now, i've got a plan for the fiber on my bobbin!

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