Thursday, January 22, 2009


finished the mystery batt and bestowed a name upon it....

hard to see in the non-sunlight of upstate new york, but it is a medley of cranberry~pewter~blue and in honor of the events of this week, it is inauguration.

nice and fluffy, has a real 'hand-spun' look and feel. cc will be pleased and if not.... well possession is everything!

Monday, January 19, 2009

batts of mystery

cc won this lovely fiber at the guild auction. it is a hand-carded batt from the talented sandy of longmeadow farms. it really is a mish~mash of colors.... blue, red, bronze, silver, all tossed together into this ohsoeasy to spin product. i got right at it

here we have the single bobbin

and them both. i'm very interested to see how it ply's. i'm planning on doing this in a two ply. i enjoy spinning sandy' one-of-a-kind fiber. her goal is to have each batch be unique so that no two spinners will run into each other at a festival in their handspun garment and see their image. i admire the ideal, but it makes it challenging when you don't have quite enough to finish that one project.
my side benefit of cc's fiber purchases may be coming to an end. since she is coming to the meetings, we've ganged up on her, opps.... i mean we've gently encouraged her to give it a whirl ( pun intended). we may have a new addict, errr... spinner!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

saturday's are for....

spinning! i love the third saturday. i long for it. it is circled in red on the calendar. my family is trained to know that nothing interferes with that day.
so this month......was the annual auction. and guess who won? cc! unbelievable. a beautiful batt of sandy's fiber. it's a triple win really.... i get to spin it, she gets to have the yarn and she gave me (really i just took it) a coupon towards, yep more fiber. here's the line up

i was able to finish this...

chili pepper from cloverleaf farms. i've got 2 ounces of this merino on a bobbin, so i immediately started cc's win. i'm interested to see how it comes out.
three weeks til the next meeting!

Friday, January 9, 2009


i have an eclectic love of music. it is the tapestry of my life, weaving images and events together in a random yet seamless way. considering that my formative years were marked with easy listening tunes, then there was the tragic john denver/barry manilow years, it all contributed to move me in a path of discovery. the classical from select choir, the pops, polkas and marches from band, the heavy metal when i found out radios had other stations. jazz, rap, salsa, i love to dabble in it all. which brings me to my knitting.

there is a bonjovi tune 'who says you can't go home' with a line about revisiting the past, going back ... and that is my focus for my fiber this year.

going back, looking at old books, magazines, patterns, fiber. something that i tried once and hated or tried and loved. playing around with different ideas and fabrics. mixing the jazz and reggae or tossing in a little aerosmith to pump it up.

jess was over for a new year's knit and brought along a 2005 vogue knitting magazine with several items that tickled her fancy. i'll admit, i thought she had gone off the deep end. vogue knitting? what could there be in that? well, lo and behold, i had the same magazine. a gift from an older and wiser knitter who thought i could some day find something in it's pages.
so my path this year is to reach back. try something old.

and maybe find something new.