Sunday, August 3, 2008

spinning on

since the tour completed i've been doing my darnedest to keep the spinning momentum going. since i was already in the groove, it has been going along well. and given the fact that i also caught up all but two of my knitting ufo's ...... spinning is all i got!

here is the lamb's wool/cashgora blend that i started a few days ago.
i'm really pleased with how well this spun up. it is mostly even and very soft. might just enter this into the skein and garment competition.
this is my innocent adventure. i went to msw this year with the intention of coming home with a fleece. i wasn't particularly set on a breed, just wanted the experience of the fleece sale.
jessica and i approached the area with trepidation, trying to figure out what to do and not look like idiots in the process! we were approached by a volunteer who offered to help us out. at first i declined, but after getting sternly spoken to by another volunteer, i took her up on her offer. she guided my through the process... visual clues, tactile clues, olfactory clues.... and soon i had myself a fleece. seven pounds of border leicester procured for all of $2/lb. hmmmm, did i have crap or gold. it went right into the processors truck and arrived during the tour. i decided before i packed it into the stash i should take a look at what i got. gave some to my fiber guru~amy, and she deemed that it was definitely not crap! so, i spun up and plied 4 ounces. i am thrilled to report that it is indeed not crap! the color is a dark, rich brown....almost black. not super soft, perfect for an outer garment of some sort. i was able to spin it thicker than i've been and still keep it even. i'm hoping that washing will soften it up. i still have 3 pounds of fiber, so i will have lots of choices in what i do.
i'm working on depleting stash and found an early purchase from nistock farms. 8 ounces of fiber ~ spring meadow.... 90% lambs wool & 10% silk.
lets see how long i hold up!

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