Tuesday, August 5, 2008

gift success!

the old saying of 'great minds think alike' was holding true for the queen's celebration. my eldest sister is our ~queen most royal of all that is naughty~ but we just call her naughty. she's the one that gives your kids ice cream for lunch, high sugar snacks at bedtime, sticks out her tongue.... all those great fun things that are ever so naughty! she also feels that in her position as eldest (of five girls) she is the queen. we give her that delusion.

her daughter was in charge of the party prep, and this is the cake that she made. see.... those great minds! we had not talked about my gift, nor is she a blogger, so this was totally genetic! you see, she squeeks almost as hard as me :)

so with my proclamation of most astounding, fabulous, the best even gift.... i asked the queen to open it first. ahhhhh, the sweetness of success! she was thrilled with her gator.

i couldn't have planned it better!

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