Friday, November 20, 2009


this is the eyelit cardi revised. when i finished it several weeks ago, i was not happy with the button piece. the pattern called for garter stitch on the fronts with a crochet button closure. it looked like, well....... crap. i tried blocking, i tried different shirts, i even dug up a bra and tried that.... nothing worked. so i ripped it out. couldn't find the left-over yarn. let it sit for a while as i considered my options. the february lady sweater (yes, i started that) gave me some insight on how this might work. so, i used 1x1 ribbing with three buttonholes at the top and put garter stitch around the neck. it's perfect. i'm hoping to take it out tomorrow.

Monday, November 16, 2009

where did the time go

it seems like just yesterday (now doesn't that make me sound OLD) when i was enjoying the month of october, finishing up those few projects and ready to immerse myself into some new project. well, guess who came to live in my house. this is our newest addition.... could she be any more darling?? and she is truly just as good a girl as she is cute! but it has really cut into my fiber time. the house is baby-proofed, all my wool is hidden and knitting projects? well, that sweater is giving me fits! the bands on the front just didn't look good, so i blocked it hoping that would solve the problem. it didn't. so it just sat in the bathroom glaring at me ( or i at it, depending on the time of day) finally, i ripped it all out. and it sat on the kitchen counter, this time with me pondering my next move. i cast on the feburary lady sweater, knit a pair of felted clogs, and finally it came to me. i decided to use a ribbed button band for the fronts and the garter band around the collar. when i get it done, i'll model!
so i desperately needed some fiber fun..... life was getting toooooo nutty here. so i spent the day with the guild group at stella maris.
lots of spinning to be had and i'm almost through the autumn leaves.then i'll need to choose another project!