Sunday, March 8, 2015

In like a lion

March arrived. I keep looking at the calendar, then out my window and just can't seem to see spring. The wintery weather finally took a toll on us. my dishwasher ( about 10 years young) started making a grinding noise. i checked the filters, washed dishes by hand for several days, then called the repair dude. he's the nicest fellow, and while we were waiting for his tools to thaw (it was a balmy 0 the morning he came) we chatted about,,,, what else... the weather. he's been seeing lots of damage, some beyond repair, so i was thrilled when we were able to rescue my appliance. it seems that the drainage hose was coiled ( as it should be ) around the side of the machine and with length of these super frigid days it froze.... seriously froze. thankfully, i stopped using it when i did so no damage was done.
i cast on another 'sweet peach'. this needs a better name.... there are no peaches in sight and i get such odd looks when i tell someone that's what i'm knitting. if i do another (and we know i will) i must find an alias for it.
so last week as we were sitting in the kitchen, the youngest child asks me why the light is dripping.
it getting to the point where my dear sweet partner is letting my calls go to voice mail :) yes, the snow and ice were so packed on the roof that we had an indoor rain. friday i had three lads on the roof with power saws, shovels and brooms. thankfully the rain stopped and the notion of painting the kitchen just got moved up on the summer project list.
i finished the scarf, completed a large spinning project (it's top secret) and was just freaking out wondering what to cast on next when fate stepped in.
we had a friend for a sleep over last night and she was looking at all the fiber stuff. we flicked locks, did some needle felting and she told us how she always wanted a pair of felted slippers.....
wish granted! i haven't made a pair of these is forever. i found the pattern, dug out the yarn and got started. it's amazing that muscle memory works for knitting too. my hands and brain just seemed to fall back into the rhythm of these.