Friday, February 21, 2014

valentine's love

i have several knitting projects going on, and i like to balance them out. i've got a lace project that requires attention, face clothes that are easy to carry about, and recently another garment. i have made fred's jazz vest several times, all with awesome success. when i was on a rampage searching for yarn to make a cowl, i discovered the vest yarn. i had purchased it, packed it all together with the pattern and put it aside. i soon had cast on, and just couldn't put it down. as valentine's day approached, i realized that i could get this baby done and wrapped.

it turned out better than i had hoped! i added a dash of color to the neckband, matching it to the stripe. the color is hard to see, but there is dark green and navy blue in them both.

is that good or what! perfect fit and special gift all in one.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

small gift

     have you ever had that person who just seemed to always help you out? i'm talking about bank teller, grocery clerk, rink manager........ the one that can answer any question, point you in the right direction, offer suggestions that just make things easier! they are everywhere, and even though i express my thanks, the time comes when i just need to step it up.
my someone is the local postmaster. i've had mail issues over the years, and who hasn't? incorrect postage, not packed well, need confirmation for delivery..... the list is endless. my gal has always greeted each and every request with a smile. if we have to debate the merits of stamp colors... she is always ready and willing. she will find me the most cost efficient way to send anything, anywhere.
earlier this year, we were chatting about the weather. it's darn awful cold living here (my thermometer told me it was -4 at 8:00am) and instead of crabbing about it, we compared the best insulated tights, where to get great gloves and what outdoor stuff we did to keep the blood flowing. i discovered that we share the same 'ism' of cold neck. i hate to have the back of my neck exposed to any kind of chill and she has the same issue. as i headed home, the light bulb went off and i knew that i needed to knit her a cowl. just a little something.     can you see where this is going....
i found a pattern and knit one as a test. this was some handspun that was left over from another project and i was thrilled with how it knit.okay, got a pattern, now need some yarn.  totes were opened, bins upended in my fervor to find the right yarn. i wanted purple, and it had to be really soft.

cast this one on and realized that the color was perfect, but the softness was lacking.
super soft, but too blue. and it is bright, knock your socks off bright. i wanted to thank her, not blind her! i started to feel like goldilocks..... searching for perfection. before you wonder, yes, i did consider giving her my test cowl. but there were imperfections in the yarn and construction that i couldn't let go. finally, at the bottom of a box i found it. handspun....
so soft, it makes your hands cry. the perfect color.... purple with flecks of gold. it knit up quickly ( love, love love this pattern: braided vine cowl ) i may do a few more just to have in the gift basket.
i wrapped it up and took it to her yesterday....


Sunday, February 9, 2014

what do you do for fun on a saturday night?

go square dancing! i was invited to attend an old fashion square dance last night. the caller was a seasoned pro.... gently building our square dancing skills throughout the evening. He started us with the basics, men on the left, ladies on the right. head couple, corners,  do-si-do, promenade and soon we were swinging around.

in between each set, he led us through line dances...... old time favorites < chicken dance, hokey pokey> and then the electric slide.
the kids were a hoot, keeping up with the old timers and really trying to get the steps. i did it all, loved every minute. the best? virginia reel!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

braided vines

i've been in a fiber frenzy the past week. the temperatures dropped, and suddenly i was energized to finish up spinning stuff on the bobbin, casting off ( and on ) new knitting projects. look what i've done....
two hanks of BFL, each from a different dyer. the champagne blush was a purchase at rhinebeck last fall. my companion snagged two of theses, and i snatched up the remaining one. i started spinning it on new year's eve... with a colorway called champagne blush how could i resist? it turned into soft, fluffy yarn with gentle color transitions. the blue is the infamous discarded roving from stoneedgefibers. i still get such a chuckle embellishing the story of rescuing this poor roving from the cold cement floor that it was cast away on. bleeding colors, fracturing dye, blah, blah, blah..... i just loved it. it is a squishy, yummy yarn too. i have no plans for either of these. i'm sure the right project will find me.
onto my knitting. i'm working on a KAL that seems to require more attention than i want to give it. so, i needed a mindless knitting item. i started a vest for ellery.... he has two of this exact pattern, so i knew just what i was doing. and now i'm almost done. need more mindless knitting. started more of the bee stitch face clothes for upcoming birthdays. well, i'm zipping through those. another project? you bet. i'm making cowls.
since i took this picture, the braided vines cowl is done and blocked, the front of the vest... done. i've got that face clothe just about ready to cast off. what else could i do......
yep, another cowl. this one is for a gift. i'm keeping it quiet for a bit.... but i'll tell all when it's delivered.
speaking of gifts? how cute is this....
amythefibergoddess made these dear stitch markers. i've needed them for the braided vines cowls that i'm addicted to. it puts a smile in my heart each time it passes by.