Sunday, August 24, 2008

it's not fiber...

but it is connected. my fiber fiend, oops friend, amy also has peaches on her farm. so..... after enjoying a basket i jumped when she offered me some more. a lot more.
it is becoming increasingly apparent that i often jump, no leap, no propel myself down these rabbits holes with only a brief thought of the consequences. i'll query `what's the worst that could happen?` and if it isn't death or dismemberment, i'm there! usually in a big way.


yes, that is 6 quarts of canned peaches. my first canning attempt ever!
thank the goddess that i had jessica here to keep me on the straight and narrow....reading the recipe, peeling the peaches, laughing with me not at me, (but this could just be my imagination)
they look great and appear to be sealed.
i'm thinking i'll do applesauce next.

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