Saturday, August 9, 2008

yarn tasting

so, last night was an event that i look forward to immensely! my lys hostessess a 'yarn~tasting' and that is exactly what we do. we invade her shop like locust, fall onto all the yarn, grab up as much as we can tote, then sit back.... chat with like minded folks.... drink some wine... nibble snacks..... and have a grand time! i'm proud to say that i have missed but one event, and that was to attend msw 2008.

here i am at check-out.... looking alittle shell shocked! i have enough yarn to creat three vests. one for my sisters bd, and two for me! i seem to always run the practice, i mean, first project on her.

so off we go to cc's for wine, cheese and gauge swatching. the pattern? one that pink lemon twist turned me onto. bonne marie burns designs~ chic knits. it is the ribby shell and i'm doing the flat panel version. the yarn? ryc cashsoftdk in a yummy, rich golden shade. {the one on the right in this pic} the other two are mine~ puc green and autumnal red. i got gauge on a us7, cast on and i'm rolling along.

cc is also doing this. the first time we've even done a project in tandem! she is doing the same shade that i've got going.

check out her

must keep knitting, knitting, knitting!!!

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