Monday, November 29, 2010

still at it

i'm still chugging away on the sweater. i've actually finished all the truly hard, complicated stuff.... i just need to do the button bands. i was undecided how to approach them. the directions have you make separate bands, then attach them to the steeked edges. as much as i didn't want to go this route, you then pick up the remaining yoke stitches to finish. now, i could rework the pattern. do i really need to? so here is one completed band with the button-holes marked. i'll whip up another then cut this sucker.
since i needed a finger friendly knit that was portable, i started making jester hats. they are just like potato chips and i can't stop. the green one went to my 3 year old nephew (well, he's really a great nephew but that makes me sound like an old-lady-knitter) the second is for my honey. he assures me that he will wear it shoveling the drive. i'll get pics!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

made it

it took longer than it should... but here it is ~
the colorwork is completed. i've got to decide how i want to do the button bands and of course, steek it! amythefibergoddess wants to watch me cut this up, so we'll have to make a date. in the mean time, how shall i band this? i'll be pondering that one.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

insane addiction

so, i made it 24 hours before i was at it again. the immobilizer is really slowing me down, but i can not seem to stop! of course, i'm on the row with four (yes, four) colors at once.
it takes me about an hour to do a round. i knit for a bit..... uncramp....knit some more, repeat.
hopefully once i'm past this round things can pick up.

yes, i really do need a twelve-step program!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

bump in the road

i should have known. there i was getting all big-in-the-britches and bam! life bit me in the bottom.
since the weather was all nice and warm today, i decided to put the storm windows down. well, one of the windows in this old house decided to crack as i was encouraging it back down. my finger took the hit. lacerated a chunk right off the top. no bending, no water, no..... nothing for 10-14 days.
at least my tetnus is now up to date.

still captivated

12 rows to go...... 173 stitches. will i wear it for thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

spinning help

i set the sweater aside last night to enjoy dancing with the stars. i'll admit it, i'm a fan. we've been watching this since the very first show and most seasons i enjoy the drama that unfolds. this year i find the stars most enjoyable and can tolerate the tv drama. it's also perfect to spin with!
so, i started plying and soon had a little helper. the pup is getting acquanted with the 'forbidden rooms' in the house. until now, she has only been in the kitchen. with the holidays approaching it was decided that she needs to get familiar with the entire downstairs.
she was very intrigued with the wheel. so far, so good.
she even matches my wheel with her foxy red self!

Monday, November 8, 2010

still captivated

it'a like a drug..... i can't stop!

down to 211 stitches and half-way through the colorwork. i might be wearing this for thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


i've been slowly chugging away on my cardigan. i finally attached sleeves to body, counted a bazillion times and still had an extra stitch. as a mature knitter i said '#^*' it, and knit it in with another stitch on the next row. with 286 stitches, who'll notice?
then came the fair-isling. i realized that the last time i embarked on a project like this i had a companion doing the same thing. it does make the process less painful when you're in it with another player. and yet, i knit onward.
here's my progress...

it took me a bit to remember how to hold the yarn, have it follow and tuck it into the stitches. i'm getting eager to see this completed.