Monday, February 25, 2013


i knit like the wind and finished the sleeves friday evening. it went out to dinner at moe's, drove around while we did errands, all in all it became a well traveled sweater!
i returned it to sandy on saturday, leaving her just the ends to weave in from her knitting. i left the ends on the sleeves just in case the dudes arms were longer than she thought. the birthday is next week, and there is still snow in the air, so hopefully it will get use.
so that left me with a quandary.... what to knit next. i picked up the second radiance shawl that i had started and got back into the groove.....
i'm still not sure if this is going to knock my socks off, but the pattern is working much better the second time around. the yarn is a bit stiffer, not as soft and i'm concerned that the color is too 'clown-like', but it's not enough to make me stop.

then there's the next baby blanket. i absolutely love this yarn. love. it. bright, fun, soft... it has it all. my only teeny, tiny concern is that it screams 'girl'
i had both the grandma and the aunt of the little one give me their very honest assessment before i kept going. they both agree the it doesn't matter what the gender is, the blanket is a go! i cast on the raspberry and i'm throwing caution to the wind.

Friday, February 22, 2013

one more sleeve

i see the end. it really is near, i just need to keep my focus. i finished the first sleeve yesterday and got the second started.
then got caught up in all the life stuff that happens. then i started to panic that i wasn't getting further along, realized that i lost a needle and my glasses, then went on a tear to find them.
and when you find it in the strangest place...... take a breath, regroup and stay on task!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

finishing her knitting

saturday near the end of the guild meeting, sandy was slugging away to finish an adorable 'john deere' green sweater for her grandson. i remembered her talking about the sweater, see her start the sweater and never gave it another thought. here we are nearing the end of the winter season, and she was working feverishly to complete it. her grandson's birthday is soon and since she missed christmas she would like to have it done then. she was facing several obstacles...... lots of lambs being born and needing care, getting ready for the open house, serious 'john deere green' fatigue. i had a moment of extreme sympathy and said "give it to me, i'll finish it." the words had barely left my mouth, when she handed me the entire project..... bag and all!
i love finishing and i think that is one of the reasons i immediately cast-on the same project that i've just completed. there is such a rush, a feeling of accomplishment to get the end. how could i not want to do that with this sweater? all the was left for me to do was the bottom, neck and sleeves.
bottom? done!
neckline? done!
sleeves are slowing me down a bit, but i am determined to have this back in her hands by saturday. knit-on!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

squares - done!

i finished all those mitre squares..... all 16 of them. knitting along, i remembered why i did not like this yarn. while it is as soft as all get out, it is so very, very splitty. there are several spots that i can already see small snags, but the overall effect is lovely.
then i turned it over.
billions of ends to weave in. and with this splitty yarn i imagine that it will take lots of wine to finish.
so i started on the borders. i'm anxious to get going on the next blanket in those peacock colors, but have decided to show restraint until i get this one completely knit. i've got until july to weave in those pesky ends ;)
with any luck, i'll be done by tomorrow.
i decided to get that vivid blue fiber plied and washed this week. i wanted to have it done and off my wheel before the guild meeting this month. we'll be playing musical wheels and i want to have my bobbins empty. not that it's really necessary ( i've got lots and lots of bobbins) but i like to have all my projects done before i get rolling on another. so, that blue fiber????....... delicious!

(amythefibergoddess has reserved another batch for me)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the second time

i'm still knitting away on the baby blanket. i'm on the third row (there are a total of four) and it just rolls along.
over the weekend, an area yarn store had their 'super bowl' sale. i feel forced to go to make sure that i'm not missing something fabulous that should be living in my yarn stash. i wandered about the store, touching and pondering all the lovely products. when i reached the aisle with the acrylic/ blends i realized that this would be a perfect opportunity to choose colors/yarns for the next baby blanket that i need to make. it seems that july 2013 is a popular month for births! i knew that i wanted a different type of yarn (this bamboo is very splity and will catch on everything) that would be easy care. and soft. soft is the ruling factor in this decision. so i stumbled upon this.....
and knowing the grandmother, i hoped that bright peacock colors would be the way to go. i'm now quite anxious to get this started!
i did finish the ombre shawl.....
i couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. in fact, i barely had it on the blocker when i fell into my normal habit of casting on another!
the yarn is kauni effects left overs from a sweater i did several years ago. it will have the same blending colorways and i'm zipping right along on it. i may even do another one of these i enjoy the pattern that much!