Sunday, April 12, 2015

it could be spring

the sun was out... the temperatures made it to 70.... the screens doors went on. i hope it's really spring. i moved all of my winter clothes out of the closet and summer clothes in. i didn't get too crazy and kept several fleeces handy.... and the snow shovels out! i don't want to jinx it. we still have several snow piles in the yard, but i'm sure they will be gone soon.
i've been on a tear to get the winter projects done to be able to put some happy on my wheel and needles.

this is 100 gms of 'wool of the andes' roving from knitpicks. the color is a stunning deep, forest green known as aurora heather. i was really digging it in december, but not so much now. i finished it up on friday and it had the privilege of being the first skein dried outdoors this year.

i finished the baby skein of merino for the sheep study. this was too die for lovely. i hand combed each lock (with some help from the kids and their friend) i may just see how much yardage i have with this and make a little something lovely.
this is a sneak peak at a birthday gift. my sister doesn't read my posts, so i can share the story. i knit her a tam many years ago for christmas. she loved that hat. her kids loved that hat. and now somewhere, someone else is loving that hat. she wore it to a recital and realized that she left it in her seat. several phone calls ensued and no hat was ever recovered. she felt just awful and took quite a while before she told me. every so often she mentions how bad she still feels about losing it because it was her favorite hat. i couldn't replicate exactly, but i'm coming close. her birthday is friday, so i'm cutting it close. i have confidence i'll make it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

where did march go???

i did not realize how tired my spirit was until i walked the dog in the sunshine today. the birds were chirping, the air was sweet with the smell of wet earth ... the blasted snow was melting. as i hate the season of mud, i welcome its arrival this year. the spring flags went up, the forsythia wreath is on the front door, i washed the windows.... bring it on spring!
so when last i blogged, i had just finished another sweet peach (the name still stinks) and decided that it was going to grace someones neck. didn't know who, but this was going to be my 'random act of knitting kindness'. here comes the story: every year (since 1994) the gals in my family do a 'girls weekend', this year traveling to western massachusetts. it's a nice mid-way point for all and we rent a house, then shop, eat, chat... have fun. five of us traveled from here with my house being the starting point. the ladies came in for a final potty-stop before leaving. my niece walked to the chair where the wrap was waiting, fondled it and commented on the softness, color and loveliness. so, on her neck it went. it matched her brand new spring coat perfectly and she wore it all weekend.
i took my wheel with a bit of color on it....
for me the best part of spinning in a group is not having to count, keep track of a pattern, forget where i am.... i can just relax.
i washed and spun fabulous merino for the sheep study..
we went to a class where the winemaker served wine from bottles that looked like this..
it was delicious so several came home with me. i'll have to discover some way to preserve these....

i got some swatching done ..... and kept working on the next peach....

i just can't stop. i've got another project waiting to go on the needles, the slippers to finish so i may take a break (but really? who am i kidding... i'll definitely be starting another)