Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i finished the first birthday hat and mitts. i used the yarn harlots' basic hat pattern, doing a 2x2 rib for a comfy fit around the face. the consensus was that it needed 'something' so child#1 made the pompom. i love it! it will be super easy to find in a dark closet, inside the coat sleeve, on the car floor.... all those places hats land.

grandneenee requested a cord for the mitts. so i attached one, i think i estimated long, so the mom will have plenty to work with.
i await her feedback on the mitts. i checked lots of sites and read one mom's blog who doubles the yarn in all her mitts, ie: she holds two strand together. she asserts that this makes them extra warm and water-resistant.

the bags...... for a gift-giving friend. he does not realize that i would not have done this project for anyone else, especially this close to the gift giving season. they are knitted and ready to be felted.

what can i say.... i am weak!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

project planning

i've had so many creative projects floating around in my mind, feeling the excitement of each of them. new yarns, fiber, sweaters, hats, mitts....oh my!

then this came...
now i'm hearing words like...'tree trimming' 'let's put up the lights' 'what kind of cookies are you making' 'gingerbread houses' 'what are we getting the kids'
and panic, those first palpitations, started to arrive. my heart started to beat faster, the lists were forming in my mind, where are those lights?? i don't even do the lights!
so i gathered my wooly projects together
and tried to make a plan. three felted bags...check. one is knitted, one almost knitted, no yarn yet for the third. hmmm... yarn shop trip! hat and mittens for a one year old.....need to come up with a pattern, damn, need to gauge swatch. yarn made for adult hat.....got to find the pattern. and just look at that tide pool....
think i'll cast on for another vest!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

the saturday of the month

that is the guild meeting. this month held at camp Stella maris on conesus lake. we arrived in rain, but that didn't dampen our spirits! this is the best day of the month.....

a day to spin, talk fiber, spin, meet new fiber fiends, oops friends, spin.... you see where this is going. cc joined me for the day and she made excellent (even i was shocked) progress on her projects.

joan learned how to arapaho ply. (it's really just navajo plying, but well, joan needed it to be special). she picked it right up! i was giddy that i could actually translate this recently acquired skill into directions that were understandable.
some flashy new fiber found it's way into my bag. i have little will power for some smooth, silky hank!

this is kendell. my new love.

until i can get the real deal!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

yarn tasting

last evening was the yarnalicious evening at spiritwork knits. amy the fiber goddess and i gathered up ccknits and made our way to the festivities. the shop was jam packed with other fiber enthusiasts, so it was delightful to rekindle with those folks that i don't often get to see.

we had lots of tough choices at the mauch chunky display. clogs to knit...
bags to felt.... yarn just hankering to be added to the stash.

i recently have had several stash happiness experiences (needed yarn quick and there is was.. in the stash!) so i felt empowered to add more.

my latest knit addiction... er project has been the abrazo vest (winter knitty) so as i turned from the kraemer display, i spotted this cheery red cascade bulky screaming to be taken home and knit into the vest.

i have just casted it on.....

while we were enjoying our wine, we got chatting about the most important things in our favorite (or not so favorite) yarn haunts. the online thing is awesome, but lacks the tactile piece that is oh so important to the experience. having a place that is inviting, welcoming is critical. people that want you there to look, feel, shop.

our evening was all that and more!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

fibers, stitches, beads & buttons

amy ~the fiber goddess~ asked me awhile ago if i would come play with her at a new show. my answer was yes (of course!) i have a new and much deeper appreciation for all that she puts into her passion.
we left early to get the booth area set up. her booth.....
(yes that is me spinning in the corner:)
amazingly lovely as always! she had roving, hand-dyed yarns, needle-felting supplies... and oh so much more. there were several vendors that attend the larger fiber festivals there are well. the fly in the ointment was all the 'crafty' booths that were set up in the main traffic area. the results were mixed because of that. i think amy did well in terms of sales, but it is alot of effort to prep and set up the space. i had a blast! and the absolute best part??
spending the day with the herd!!!