Thursday, November 28, 2013

it's not fiber......but still creative

  several years ago, my sister invited me to join her stamp classes.she had been creating all sorts of lovely cards with 'stampin up'. the monthly classes were held by a distributor in her home. for a small fee she would provide us with all the tools needed to make 4-5 cards. you could then order the products from her if you wanted to. it was really a win-win. i started going monthly and soon my cards made it to a quality level that was reasonable to use. hint... not as simple as is sounds, or easy as it looks. i still struggle with creative ideas and when i find one, i'll make a bunch using that design.
  i haven't been able to attend the classes as regularly in the past year, but i decided that i would still do the calendar project. we purchase the blank templates for the year ( january through december) and stamp them in a design that represents that month. now, ever since i started this nightmare project, the distributor gave us the designs and use of materials when we bought the templates. not this year.
 this year was different. we were still able to buy the calendars, but we had to do all the designing. sure, lots of time. i got them early in the year, moved them around my desk and finally realized that i needed them completed to give as gifts in about two weeks.
  yesterday was d-day. i actually started tuesday evening. first... bring a bazillion containers of stamp crap supplies to the dining room table. second, pour a large glass of wine. third, get creative! i enlisted the skill of my fellow stamper and off we went. i knew that we had to be completely finished by last night to have the table ready for the feast today.
i woke up with hand cramps from all the coloring! seriously, two mornings in a row my hands were clenched in a pencil holding grip when i woke up.
spoiler alert..... they are stunning
and since my hand is loosening up, i quickly put a needle and thread in it to finish a project for amythefibergoddess......

Monday, November 25, 2013

project endings

at least a few of my projects are done, or nearly there. the gotland fleece that i got in rhinebeck was washed and dried, then i was swayed into combing it. combing a fleece is much like combing hair.... putting all those strands in alignment and getting the snarls out. unlike little girl hair, you can't spray it with tangle-free stuff to make it easier ;)
i gathered up my combs and invited myself to a lesson. kathy was in on the fleece deal, and has oodles of skill and know-how. we weighed our fleeces and really only lost a bit in the washing.
i washed mine with unscented purex he laundry soap which did a very nice job cleaning those locks. we clamped the combs to the table and my lesson began.
the fiber is stunning, so soft with gentle color variations. i soon realized that i will be combing this wee little fleece for a very long time. i promised myself to do a bit each day to keep learning and maybe i'll get this done. i'm anxious to spin some, but i want to get at least half of it combed before i start.
the baby tulip sweater went to it's owner yesterday. the baby shower was charming. they held it at a town park in the new lodge. there was a fire in the fireplace, beautiful decorations and lots of well wishers to this new babe. the mom (my cousin) was radiant, enjoying every minute.

all the clothes were hung up and looked so sweet. i can just see this outfit out for a stroll next fall, picking up leaves and chasing after daddy....
she has everything she needs for a wonderful, wild ride into mommyhood!

my other finish is the hananninanni that amythefibergoddess and i have been knitting. it was truly kicking my butt near the end, but i perserverred and cast off yesterday. pictures and details tomorrow when i get it on the blocker.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

at it again

amythefibergoddess is hosting a wonderful holiday event.....~ christmas on the farm ~ the inaugural event will be saturday, december 7th on her farm. she has invited several merchants to join her to offer wonderful things for gifting ( or treating yourself with ) nistock farms will have yarn and roving, get juled is bringing all sorts of jewelry, there will be ornaments, hand-made preserves.... a very traditional offering of hand crafted goodness. guests can visit from 10-3, so if you are in the area is will be well worth the trip!
so onto today's adventure.....
i had to refresh my memory on dyeing techniques.
it didn't take tooooo long to get back into the swing......
there will be some stunning colors available! sadly, we ran out of time. guess that means i'll be back for more fun next week!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fiber Festival of New England

for the third year, the wool room @ longmeadow farm made its way to the Fiber Festival of New England. this year we traveled eastward with sandy's brand spanking new trailer to springfield, massachusetts.

it was a breeze to unload the trailer (taking only 15 minutes) and transformed this.....
into this.....

the transformation took about three hours, but hey... we're cheap help!
it still seems overwhelming to have so many vendors in one ginormous space. i was able to visit many of my favorites throughout the weekend and still find a few new ones. i purchased yarn for several projects, bobbins from the bobbin guy, and enough scarves to last a bit.....

the yarn in front will be another color affection, this time in tuckerwoods baby alpaca, wool and silk blend. two new patterns await the other yarns and i can't wait to get started.
sandy did well and i've already agreed to travel along again next year!