Thursday, August 26, 2010


my fiber friend joan paid me a visit. she brought along her daughter to play with fiber and see what all the fuss was about. we got her set up at the sink, wet felting bright colored roving into small balls. joan was excellent at this process..... mine were, well crap! she thinks it's all her play doh rolling that has provided her with such a skill. so, if you have small children, get them play doh rolllllllling.
after they had dried, we crafted them into wearable art.


how fun are those???? we're sending them to her to enjoy. love those fiber gals!

Monday, August 23, 2010

new to me

saturday was the guild 25th anniversary picnic and since i'm the gal in charge (so to speak) i was anxious that it be a fun day with lots of food and fiber fun. it was. the facility was perfect for our needs and in spanking new condition. some folks gathered on the patio, many of us stayed in the great room and the community of spinners was a blast. we actually had an original member there who took us through the early years of the guild and then we progressed through the years to now. good times!
i also had a delivery of my new-to-me wheel. several weeks ago when we went to sandy's, she had an ashford traditional in her dining room that was needing a home. since it was spoken for, i bemoaned my luck as i would have given it a home. well...... it's now living with me! it's from the original owner, complete with extra bobbins, lazy kate, jumbo flyer and lots of extras.

it is an entirely different spinning experience (and really makes me appreciate my majacraft!) when i get the kinks worked out, i'm going to get the kids in motion.
here's my treat yarn from this years tour..... 4 oz of BFL from high bid farm in susies summer...

Friday, August 13, 2010


twenty-seven years ago, i walked down an aisle in a long white dress and started on an amazing odyssey. who knew in 1983 that we would still be together, working our way through all sorts of adventures. i never really thought about how long we'd be together, and let's be honest at twenty-one ten years seems like a life time. choosing a partner is a formidable task and really it's a good thing that i was young. there is no way to know or learn how to make it work until you are in it!
so here we are. life is good. i just may have another twenty-seven in me!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the lady with the alligator purse

my sister is naughty. really, that's what we call her and she revels in the fact that she alone is allowed to be .... naughty. she gleefully with take that last treat, make sure your kids visit mcdonalds, have ice cream for breakfast, hide your fleeces..... you get my drift. she also has a gator fascination. she has them in her bathroom, hiding in her gardens, always there for the unsuspecting person to happen upon them and be startled. if you scream it's all the better. several years ago i made her a gator scarf from a moorehouse merino kit. it was the most fabulous item to craft and she has it displayed in her bedroom.
so this year as her birthday approached, i knew that i needed to find just the right gift. since i get the weekly updates from moorehouse, i had my eye on another kit..... a felted purse. an alligator purse. it was easy to make, but i will admit that it was labor intensive. lots of scales to knit and form. there is a knitted lining inside so it is very usable. i had in the stash the best handles, but there was bloodshed attaching them.

i had found just after christmas, the board book of 'the lady with the alligator purse' and knew that would be the finishing touch in the gift. i put it on top of her gift bag, and she opened it first. she even read it aloud to all of us gathered. she read with glee as the story progressed and the lady was so naughty! at the end of the book, she reached into the gift bag and pulled out her purse. so, my naughty sister is now offically the lady with the alligator purse.