Friday, August 15, 2008

what a week

so, this week my partner and i celebrated a milestone....... twenty~five years of wedded bliss! it seems like we've been together much longer and yet i can't quite figure out where those years went to.

i was not the fiber addict then that i am today.... i didn't even have a fiber bone in my body.

but since this is my fiber's the poop. i did not get my spinning done this week... i'm hoping to make up for it this weekend.

i did get knitting done. i'm up to 8 inches on the vest. we've been having fun traveling around the area.

here we are at seabreeze park. if you live in the area, make this a destination stop! we have been going annually for about ten years. it is a family park.... clean, safe, well run..... an awesome time. as the kiddies grow we do even more stuff.

here's the vest enjoying some time by the wave pool

i was getting many the interested glance as folks walked by and saw us together.

here's the view of lake ontario. it was an amazingly fun time....and i did get quite a few stitches done.

tomorrow..... spinning will rule!

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