Friday, February 26, 2010

olympic gold!

i crossed the finish line with time to spare! the left-overs vest is complete. i am happy.
it turned out better than i anticipated, loved using my special yarn (which was a delight to knit with=must buy more) and found a great shirt in the clearance aisle of bj's that matches perfectly.

now to only have warmer weather to wear it. i will admit that i was not horribly challenged by the design of the project. knitting was very straightforward, directions easy to understand. the challenge was to carve the time out of my life to complete the thing. so for this, i humbly accept the gold!

Monday, February 22, 2010

olympic update #2

the back is completed and i'm working on the right front.

the hand-painted yarn is producing some interesting striping. i knew it would. not sure if i love it yet, but i knew that going into the project. i've carted this with me everywhere and while there have been times that i got just a few rows in, i'm thrilled to be where i'm at. birthday party friday night = knitting, out to dinner saturday night with the gals, = knitting. i must say, everyone just takes it in stride and i'm becoming immune to their mocking. i remind them that they benefit from my addiction, so that quiets them right down!
last evening we had a family movie night. as i have been gone alot (for me) this was a chance to spend some time together. i must admit, that i usually last only part-way through movie nights. i get distracted by all those things that i could/should be doing instead of sitting there. i decided that i'd finish up the spinning that i started, so down we all sat to watch 'up'. this was the most charming movie that i've ever seen! it went straight to the top of my favorite movie list, disney/pixar outdid themselves. if you have a chance, watch it. we will be adding it to our collection.
back to knitting!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


cruising through the challenge i was trying to be to the division for the back/neck by the halfway point. i made it. yeah. this weekend is not going to allow me much knitting time as it is the third weekend of the month=spinning.
yesterday joan invited us for lunch and fiber fun. sandy and i enjoyed a delicious lunch.....
and lots of spinning! sandy also tempted us with her new creation a wool-silk-bamboo fiber that she dyes and blends. so of course, i had to purchase a bag. can't wait to get that on the wheel!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

olympic update #1

thank goodness that figure skating has been on. my stitches seem to get tighter when they are catapulting down Whistler mountain on -skis-snowboards-their backs! i've been reminded of the wide world of sports opening with 'the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat' i'm sure that dates me.
the chinese pairs skaters have been such a joy to watch, i'm glad that got the gold. i'm almost to my 14.5 inches and ready to split for the top. i know my weekend knitting will be limited, so i'm trying to make up time!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


valentines' wishes to all. i'm happy to report that my gifting was a success. i don't know if it's my stealth knitting skills or his absolute non-interest in fibery things, but my valentine was surprised! knew not that the yarn was spun and neck warmer was knit. quite striking....

here were my lovelies.... posies and a woolie dear friend...

yes, she is sporting a pearl bracelet on her neck. my valentine thought i needed a little something sparkly on my wrists as i knit.

now for my olympic update: there was a false start on friday. after all the excitement, build up, knitting through the opening ceremonies, i realized yesterday that an incorrect number of stitches had been cast on. can you believe it!! what knucklehead waits with such great anticipation and then makes a huge error at the very start? well, that would be me. so i ripped it all out, cast on the correct number and spent yesterday making time. i'm through the bottom band on my way in the body.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 olympics

i've been following the yarn harlot's musings regarding the winter olympics. at the last winter games, she set forth a challenge to all fiber enthusiast's, to complete a project that is a challenge to you starting with the lighting of the flame to be completed when the flame is extinguished. i was a newbie knitter with absolutely no clue that there were things beyond my scope. i remember participating, but can't find any record of what i did. it was pre-blogger/ravelry, so i thumbed through an old knitting journal. found lots of interesting stuff, but not what my olympiad feat was. i do know that my participation in those games catapulted me into my first fair-isle project with jessica and ann. we did a lopi sweater and that i do have posted on ravelry. i was done in under a month, finishing just as the weather became balmy. i pulled that sweater out to wear today as i pick up the torch again.
i love participating in the harlot's olympics for a number of reasons, and this time i did register (so i'll have a record of my feat) i chose to do the leftovers vest that was in knitty2004. i've long admired this and wanted to do it, but never moved it onto the needles. part of my dilema was a lack of matching 'leftover' yarn. so i am using brooks farm solo that i purchased on my first visit to rhinebeck in 2007. i and clearly remember standing in the booth with jessica (it was such a tight fit that cc refused to even try to get to us) debating all the pros and cons to the yarn. at that time my yarn purchasing was always done with a project/pattern in mind. thankfully, jessica soon shoved me out of that mindset (and i've got several stash items to prove it) this yarn was just waiting for a momentous occasion, so here it is..... my olympic challenge.
let the games begin

Thursday, February 11, 2010


i just can't seem to get enough of this pattern! i know, i know.... i'm so like that. when it tickles me, i seem to do a gizzilion of them. i wanted to gift it to a gal i work with. she has been there for decades and made my first few years easier. consistently pleasant and kind, she always asks about me and my family with sincere interest. the other day she noticed a sweater i was wearing. as she oohed and aahed she wondered if it was hand made. my reply was yes and by my hands. she was captivated that anyone could take yarn and work it into a garment. with that response, i knew that she needed something from my hands. voila.... clemence.
the yarn is jo sharp aran tweed. initially i was concerned the the tweed would be too busy with the pattern, but it works great. as much as i need to cast on another, i'm afraid that my time will be absorbed by my latest adventure!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

nothing says romance....

like a fiber gift! here is the darkside cowl in the mountain colors targhee. i love it! the project came together just as i had envisioned.... blocks of color, aran weight, soft but sturdy and definitely not scratchy!

i'm even brave enough to show a close up of my stitches. there was not a wobbler in the lot, so must be my tensions were all in harmony. it is wrapped and bagged (along with some sweets) just waiting for the 14th. the real challenge will be remembering where i hid it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

keeping necks warm

i'm afraid that obsession has reared her ugly head. i can't seem to stop searching, downloading, stash diving, spinning, knitting..... neck warmers! immediately after emptying my needles with the wool/alpaca, i cast this on..
it was a free download from ravelry, the clemence. i love the swirls, the lace, the.... well, everything. i had some left over malabrigo worsted in the colorway vetiver. wasn't sure if it was enough, but i had plenty. it literally took me two evenings to make. the idea was that it would help me decide what pattern i needed to use for the gator exchange, the result was that i just want to make more! i'm trudging my way through the lupine. it really seems like a struggle because i can only have it out when the recipient is not around. lately it seems like he is always popping into whatever room i'm in! hope to finish it tonight so that i can cast on..... another clemence!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


remember lupine? this was my dizzy sheep purchase of targhee top roving. the one that my family started arguing over? i've been having a fascinating time with it. i actually spent some time thinking about how to approach this.... what i wanted to accomplish and how i thought i could get there. this is a new spinning path for me. it was interesting to research the breed, think about the spongy aspects of this fiber and how that was perfectly suited to the project that i had in mind.

i opened the roving into one long piece. i then started dividing it, in half, half again, half again until i had eight strips. i tied a cotton thread on the 'top' end of each so that i would spin them in order. i carefully drafted each long piece then started spinning. i wanted to keep the blocks of color, so i knew i had to navajo ply. i also was looking for a nice round yarn without a lot of halo-ing, again the navajo plying would accomplish this. i used my woolee winder (must get more bobbins) i am in love with my ww.
i found that i needed to put a fair amount of twist into the single to spin it thin. i let the fiber rest on the bobbin overnight, then took off onto my ball winder. this was the challenge, to then ply from the ball. i found that with the dark colors ( and my aging eyes) i needed to do this in the light of day to keep my color bands in tack. i wedged the ball in a basket to keep it steady while i was plying.

the yarn is lovely. soft to touch, still lofty with all the twist and plies!

it is going to be another dark side cowl as a valentine's gift for my honey. wearing the last one i made ensured that the next one was his!
off to cast on!