Thursday, February 26, 2009

the switch is made

i know i'll take heat for this, but the naughty queen (my sister) retrieved her hat. the exchange was with another scanky, acrylic cap that was in her closet, not for the original that i was subjected to. now, i know that i was weak. there can be no 'but ' after that statement. my only defense is that it is one less nasty cap in her possession.

she looks great it in! but i will agree, she and i are not hat people!

this is the lovely starry night. sadly the picture does not do it justice. it glimmers and sparkles so beautifully in the sunlight. eldest child would love a cap and fingerless mitts in the same pattern as the cap above. she knits, so i gently suggested that she could make them, since i made the yarn. oh foolish me, using rational thoughts with a teenager. i was met with an incredulous glare. what could i have been thinking? in light of the fact that said teenager wants my hand-spun, hand-made garments, i saw the light and let the subject go. at least i'll have one holiday gift done!

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