Tuesday, March 3, 2009

easily distracted

later this month, i'm going to have an estrogen weekend. it has become an annual event with the ladies in my family to get together (without kids and men) and just be together. the ritual started in 1994 and we've been doing it ever since. although the venues change, the chatting, eating, chatting, wine drinking, shopping, chatting doesn't'.

this year we'll be in allentown with my cousin as hostess. so, what is the perfect hostess gift? a felted bag. she has one of my larger bags, but not the fun little button-bag. i decided to forgo the buttons and try knitting in glass beads.

it turned out so well, i think that i need to keep it. so i'm knitting another one with beads in a different location, then i'll decide which to gift. being that they are glass beads, and the felting takes place in hot water with lots of agitation, there is always the chance that this could go very wrong. we'll have to see.

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