Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so last evening cc, jessknits and i met at the local yarn shop for their annual sale. we didn't know
what was on sale, how much the sale was, why it was on sale...
you get the drift.
when you winter in upstate, all you need to know is: yarn. sale.

so we started with a basket, silly girls. then added a second basket as we made our way through the bulky's, worsted, dk's ... ohmy.
we filled and filled and filled.

then we sat and before us was a wall of malabrigo worsted. 20%off.

we went a tad crazy. other yarns went back. we only had eyes for the kettle dyed loveliness that is pure merino.

the green on my shoulder went home with jess. the mahogany that i'm sitting on came home with me. cc took paris nights.
i've already cast on.....

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