Wednesday, February 25, 2009

behind the wheel

so this month at the guild meeting, we (that would be amy the fiber goddess & I) decided that cc needed to experience the thrill of making yarn. or at least trying. you see, cc is buying fiber in large quantities. huge.
the side benefit is that i'll never run out of fiber to spin and my fiber-budget (isn't that an oxymoron) isn't impacted. but i digress.....
she finally agreed to give it a go, so we struck while the iron was hot. on an ashford traditional that amy had at the ready, she made her first yarn. she did great! i don't know if she's hooked yet, but we'll keep trying.

then there is the tale of my sister. a non-fibery kind of gal who stopped into visit wearing the nastiest, old, acrylic mickey-mouse cap.

i shuddered when i saw her. i offered to knit her a new one, i even tried to tempt her with this lovely, handspun merino

her response? 'i don't wear hats" after feeling my long,piercing glare...... she amended it to ' i don't look good in hats' well, i don't either and wearing the scankiest thing does not enhance the look! so i finally got her to agree to a trade, mickey for merino.

instead of just knitting a hat (which would have been the sensible choice, so not mine) i found this one in morehouse farms merino knits. it is the mozart trio, done in a frogman stitch. once i you-tubed the technique, i was off.

how lovely is that.

i'm now ready for the trade

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