Tuesday, February 3, 2009

isn't it ironic....

to have finally fallen in love with a fiber that you destroyed???
this sweet batt of fiber came to me on the trip to freedom for the open house @the wool room. i fell in lust with a similar fiber at the fiber fest, but let it slip out of my hands and had dreamt of the color... the luster ... and thought this was 'close to it'
disappointment set in shortly after the fiber fumes wore off. there it was, a pile of fiber that i almost liked. what to do? well spin it of course.
the yarn was better, but still not my dream. i washed it and in careless way, tossed it into the front loader to wring itself dry.
then i pushed the wrong button. it rinsed. in warm water. for sixteen minutes.
the ties came loose and i had a pile of semi-felted wool pasta. while filled with remorse for my stupidity, i had little compassion for the yarn. it deserved better.
what to make? i wasn't sure if it would re-felt and i was limited in my yardage. socks! i could wear them to spin in and hey, i had the yarn.
casting on, i started to see the color changes. feel the softness. those subtle nuances of light and dark.
i fell in love.
alittle too ironic, yeh i really do think.

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