Saturday, February 7, 2009

those things you'd never thought you'd do

i said that i would never knit a barbie item. never. ever.

well.....funny thing happened. awhile back i was obsessed with the mitten ornaments. made many. some day, i'll have a mitten tree, but that's another story.

so while i was in a yarn shop,accompanied by my partner (yes i know, big mistake) we saw sweater ornaments. it was suggested that this would be a nice accompaniment to the copious amounts of mittens that are lurking everywhere. so i did a quick search on raverly, found some left-over sock yarn and cast on. got all the way to the length of a shirt before i realized that i had a barbie outfit. it was too small for ken, so i added length to make it a dress.

the kids are thrilled. while i'm certain that it is destined to be buried in the bottom of the barbie box, never to see the light of day again, at least i knitted them a barbie outfit.

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