Monday, February 2, 2009

good things come to those who wait...

even if it's not patiently!!
for quite some time i have had grafton fibers darn pretty needles on my wish list. what (you may ask) is a wish list? it is a list kept on the computer of all those things that catch your fancy..... new needles, a swift, some fiber, books..... well, you see what i mean. why on the computer? well, those little pieces of paper are always getting lost (thrown out) so this simplifies it for everyone.
so.... i've looked at these at rhinebeck. held them. lusted after them. but just couldn't pay the price per pair.
this holiday, dear sweet cc gifted me with a set of dpn. in size 0. they were like toothpicks. even i had to admit that i may have made an error in the size i needed. but before i could admit that, i happened over to their website to find a post holiday-sale of epic proportions. several sets of dpn, for about the cost of my one set.
so after a quick chat with cc, a new gift was ordered and today it arrived....

they pack in roving... how cool is that? and the needles...
worth the wait!!!!

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