Sunday, February 8, 2009

did you really want an answer to that?

so...... i've pulled the kauni out of mothballs. jessknits was over and brought hers (she had nothing else to knit) so i felt compelled (read~guilty)to get mine out. i finished one sleeve, at least as far as i want to go until i can try it on for fit. i was contemplating how to start the colorways for the other sleeve. my thought was always to just let the color go as they may. then i thought that i wanted the button bands to match the bottom. hmmmm, would there be enough to go the entire length? and what about that unopened ball..... what colors were lurking inside.

as i was sharing my dilemma with my honey, he weighed in with his feelings that the sleeves should match. with all the colors, that would bring a level of continuity and it wouldn't matter what happened with the collar and bands. the sleeves could pull it all together.

sometimes it just the right thing to do. darn it!

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