Saturday, July 2, 2011

tour~stage 1

the tour. stage 1. i have been doing alot of this...

and some of this.......

i even took my spinning wheel on vacation and every day i was spinning in the ocean breezes.

but today? today was travel day. return to the real world day. the stay-awake-while driving-day. i did not embrace the thrill of stage one today.

i did decide on my challenge. i have several 'lots' of fibers that i want for sweater yarn. i have 1& 1/2 pounds of nistock farms blue jeans and 20 ounces of naked fiber that i got in maryland. so that is my challenge. i will have enough yarn for 2 sweaters at the end of the tour. if my sleep deprived brain is adding correctly (and it may be hampered by my sun soaked, wine tainted day) that is 44 ounces of fantastical fiber.

let the spinning commence (probably tomorrow, i'm really to stupid tired to spin tonight :)

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