Tuesday, July 5, 2011

stage 2,3 & 4

not alot to see for all my spinning efforts. i've got two bobbins full and will work tonight to add to that total. my goal seems achievable now, but that can all go down hill with the first flat tire :)
i took the wheel to the lake for the fourth to spin in the sun and enjoy those lake breezes. my family doesn't even blink when the wheel is the first thing out of the car and set up on the shore. even the neighbors comments have gone from 'what are you doing?' to ' now, what do you do with all the yarn you make' it seems that my education efforts have paid off and they actually understand that i end up with a viable, usable product.
yesterday was the first time i've had someone want to try their hand at it. my friend sat himself down on the stool and gave it a go. having been on many field trips to a local historical museum, he thought that he could show off. and he did! it wasn't pretty, and it was very twisty, but he did spin wool.

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