Friday, July 8, 2011

back on track

i have had the worst time getting started on this tour. i realized after i set my goal, that i was short a 1/2 lb of the 'blue jeans' fiber. i had purchase a pound at the shepard's market this year, only to find that i had 1 1/2 lbs sitting in the stash. well, i had already started spinning the smaller amount when i noticed that the colors don't match the other batch. topping it all off, i really can't get un-tired from all the vacation fun and get spinning (it appears that it has reached my brain)
so today, i took myself to task and ordered another 1/2 pound from robin nistock.
joan met me at the lake for an afternoon of concentrated spinning therapy. i'm happy to report that i have made up my lost time and finally, finally feel the thrill of the competition. it was also a hoot to have the neighbors see another spinning wheel on the break wall. they are the sweetest people and always comment on my spinning. hopefully this will confirm my tales of 'lots of people do this' and 'we have a really big fiber community'. i'm sure they believe me, but it does help cement my claims!

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