Thursday, July 28, 2011

sample knitting

i can tell a true kindred spirit when that someone not only thinks like you, but starts to fill your needs before you even know you had them!
amythefibergoddess was chatting with another fiber friend(ff), when the ff mentioned that she had just received a huge shipment of yarn. it seems that she sent her wool off to the mill and had it made into yarn in four different types. left to right is cotswold yarn in worsted weight singles, 3 ply worsted, 3 ply sport and 2 ply bulky. it is stunning yarn. a beautiful shade of ivory with a sheen. it has a 'halo' effect to the yarn and almost appears fluffy. she has already had an experienced technical knitter/crocheter work gauge swatches, so i was offered the chance to play with it.
usually i don't like open ended directions, but for some reason this was a snap. within 12 hours of getting my hands on the yarn, i was on ravelry searching for patterns.

i went over my choices with amy and my patterns were given her stamp of approval. i wanted to make garments ( and given the time constraints they needed to be small) so that shoppers could see the yarn worked into stitches and fabric.
i'll start with the current project on the needles. i'm using the singles to make: eyelet yoke baby cardigan. this pattern has a variety of stitches and i think that will show off the versatility of this single. the only challenge is my inability to count. go figure!

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Linda Monroe said...

This is so beautiful and delicate. Glad to see you are enjoying a fiber filled summer.