Monday, July 11, 2011

rest day

no, i'm not observing the tour rest day. if i'm going to stay on course, i've got to up my spinning game.

last night i finished filling bobbins with the blue jeans that i had. this is only a pound, so i can't do more until this saturday. i decided to ply the middle bobbins that i spun, leaving the first four to ply with the last four that i spin.

then i started the naked ~ blue face leister. wow, what a difference in fiber. i realize that all those wools are unique, but the coolest thing about this challenge is that i focuses me to be mindful in how and what i'm spinning. the blue i'm trying to have be lofty and soft as a possible sweater yarn. with the naked, it is spinning much faster and is so very sleek sliding onto the bobbins. once i get a few filled, i'll have to start plying. luckily tonight is the season premier for the closer. i can spend a solid hour with my friend brenda catching up.

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