Sunday, July 24, 2011

the ride to paris!

i made it! today under sunny skies, warm (and less humid) breezes, i finished the tour de fleece. i plied the six remaining bobbins of naked and my basket was full.
so, i've got 1 1/2 lbs of 'blue jeans' dyed cotswold from robin nistock. i purposely spun this lofty and it looks handspun which is what i was hoping for. this may become a sweater for my sister and since she doesn't read this blog, i'm okay! i have an additional 1/2 lb which i will spin up this week to give myself enough to work with. i don't think i can handle another 'i've run out of yarn' too soon.
the second batch is 20 ounces of blue face swirl from gayle's fiber art in the 'naked' colorway. this was lovely to spin. smooth and soft.... i'm envisioning a sweater with subtle cables.
i'm still feeling the spinning drive, so want to take advantage of that by doing some small stash amounts.

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Linda Monroe said...

Congratulations C-Line. A job well done. These look perfect.