Friday, June 17, 2011

back to the fiber

when i was in maryland, i went crazy in the ~gayle's art~ booth. i am captivated by her colorways, how they blend together and (most importantly) how they spin.
so i bought this random hank of 'show special' which was 4oz of a corriedale mix in colors that only i loved. i've been spinning it and anyone that walks by my wheel is also captivated by the bands of color.... even the naysayers! i had thought about plying it, then toyed with the notion of navajo plying, then decided i liked the singles. i've got an idea about what i want to do with it..... my vacation knitting :)

and the chemo caps. well, i'm still working on the continental knitting. i am so very slow that it is almost painful to watch. but as practice makes perfect, i will keep going. i decided to use up the scraps from my previous caps and thought these went together nicely. i've got another cast-on in more masculine shades with a more manly pattern that is making me learn to purl.

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Linda Monroe said...

These colors are nice. Enjoy your spinning on vacation. I am already thinking about which of my papercrafting supplies will come with us on our family vacation which is approaching (yeah!)