Wednesday, August 3, 2011

preemie hats

i realized that i never posted my complete quartet of preemie hats. here they are, residing on my wine tree in the garden enjoying some sunshine. the first i made was the purple/blue swirl in the back. i used sock yarn that i found with a coupon at joanns. it is charming how the swirls and colors work so well together. the next i completed was the girlie pink one on the left. again, coupon yarn in shades of pink with some white and green tossed in. since it was pink (and girlie) i made it in an eyelet version. the picture doesn't show it well, but it starts with light pink, moves to the deeper pinks, then ends in the white with green. i decided that i needed to concentrate on smaller sizes. the recommendation was a hat to fit on a lemon. really. so the two lavender hats are tiny and they do fit on a lemon :) on the left is the diamond version and the right is hearts.
i've taken a short hiatus to do my sample knitting, but i think i have to make another set. they were just so dear to knit.

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Linda Monroe said...

These look like yummy ice cream cones in delightful flavors. Very nicely done cousin. Looks like you have been hard at work with those knitting needles this summer. Enjoy.