Tuesday, March 31, 2009

on the road.....

the annal adventure that is 'girlsweekend' took us to lovely pennsylvania to stay with my cousin in emmaus. so i tacked on a side trip to the kraemer textile mill in nazareth. since i was driving and my companions were willing.....why not? it was easy to find
and a great day so left my naughty sister in the car with a book and blanket. i love this yarn. i first discovered it while taking a felted bag class. and when i fell, i fell in love hard. mauch chunky has been my 'go-to' yarn for all kinds of felted projects... bags, slippers, totes.....great color, texture and wear-ability. i have tried to get to the mill for years, not just to see it, but to have a the chance to see all the yarns in all the colors in one place.
i was not disappointed. i found the wall of chunky and filled the basket full...
this is the button display in the original safe. how cool is that??? so the stash is contented to be full again and the gals gave me color cards for all their yarn. it was worth the trip.

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