Thursday, March 19, 2009

it's all about the kits

i finished these.....

and this....
and really made some progress on this........
so of course i had to start this.... the wormy apple scarf kit from morehouse farms. i got it last month during their internet sale. i've been needing to do it ever since the first time i laid eyes on it. my niece is an elementary educator that lives in an apple orchard in a community that celebrates the apple blossoms. need i say more?
so i cast on and i've finished four of the eight apples. while working away on it tonight, i was thinking of the next project i need to undertake. i've had the sock fix (youngest spawn LOVES her socks....can't get them off her feet) i finished a wearable garment for the spring weather, and i may finish the kauni before it's one year anniversary.
it dawned on me that i am captivated with the kit. the colors were already chosen, the yarn balled, the pattern complete and legible, minimal swatching to find gauge and i was off.
sadly i've not collected any kits. i've got lots of yarn and binders of patterns, but no kits. amy the fiber goddess and i looked at sweater kits at rhinebeck this year. at the time, i wasn't tempted.
it's now on my must have list!

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