Saturday, April 4, 2009

dare i say done?

the kauni craze initiated by 'the yarn harlot' ended for me today. i'm still slightly woozy with the realization that i did it. having never undertaken a fiber project of this magnitude, well lets just say it was better that i didn't know. knit in the round on wee tiny needles, using wee skinny yarn, with two skeins simultaneously. must. have. been. nuts!
i got nervous half way through that it wouldn't fit. seems that i was a bit tight on gauge figuring out the pattern. so i made myself loosen up. i know, sounds impossible, but i did it. i loved the steeking element of the project and would do that again in a snap. i love knitting in the round, so that works very well for me. the sleeves were perfect length pre-wash/block and may be a tad long, but i they seem quite comfortable so leaving them as is.i may even put it on my list of 'seconds' to do another.

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Black Rabbit Hobbies said...

WOW!!! It looks amazing!