Thursday, March 5, 2009

who'd have thunk

that knitting glass beads in to wool would turn out so good?

how cool are these????

so the story goes like this. have to make a hostess gift. bowl of glass beads that eldest child does not want sitting on desk. have moved this bowl a ga-zillion times. they should be thrown out. wait that isn't very green. they should be knit into something. hmmmmm, i could do that (see how my brain just jumps??) hey, need to make that gift. i'll use those beads.

so with really no plan, i start knitting. i had quite a bit of the mauch chunky in redwood, so i just randomly knit in the beads. i dropped the stitch pulled it through the bead with a crochet hook, the hooked back up to the needles. since they all matched color-wise, i just stuck them on.

when i finished, i didn't think that i could part with the bag. so, i cast on another. this is in tide pool and eggplant. here is placed the beads in a line well into the eggplant.

i am an aggressive felter, very hot with very little water. i used more water and let the bags sit for about five minutes before i began the agitation to limit the chances that the beads would shatter. i had to felt for a longer time, but only lost three beads. i drained them as well as i could by squeezing gently and put them on the registers for three days of drying. since it was so chilly here, they got lots of heat.

i need to do more grooming on them, but i'm tickled with the results. now, what one to keep? and how to get more of those *&^*%#^ beads!

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Black Rabbit Hobbies said...

The bags look great! I love the glass bead idea! Very nice!!!