Wednesday, March 25, 2009

am i blue?

to say that life here has been chaotic for the past few weeks would be a gross understatement. obligations have been tugging be in all sorts of directions, to all sorts of places and i was starting to feel frayed. (i was going to say unraveled, but it was too obvious a pun:)
spinning saturday arrived and when i got to guild, i looked at my gals and just said that i needed fibery love. i was immediately embraced, with no questions asked.
i was left with a deep sense of gratitude and ultimately contentment. spinning does keep you grounded. the fiber flowing through your fingers, sliding onto the bobbin in a rhythm that leaves peace in its path.
i knew that i needed to spin something that was simple and gentle. i was without capacity to put any effort into the process. and there sat a bump of sandy's wool/alpaca blend. i put five ounces of it on a bobbin, and have another ten to go. i'll end up with a very nice worsted weight that i envision in a sweater.
my other projects are limping along. i have just the sleeves to finish on kauni and i think i must re-knit the vest. again.
we'll see if the contentment lasts.

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