Saturday, July 4, 2015

tour de fleece

yes i am going to do the tour this year. it just feels wrong to not embrace it. i started blogging for my first tour and i'm the type that just can't leave that history in the dust.
so, day 1. i have been salivating over a lovely ITW colorway for a few years. amythefibergoddess bought it at one of the festivals, and i didn't. big mistake. friends should not let friends not buy the same colorway ( and if you were around this year in maryland, i believe we all did buy the same thing). i had to make due with a similar color, and decided that this would be my first spin.....
it wasn't until i pulled it out of the bag that i realized this is not my usual romney. not at all! it's course, rough on your hands and really not appealing. at first i stood there in shock.... i've been waiting and dreaming about how awesome this would be. i remembered a comment from the sheep study that kathy shared. even though it may be a breed you know and love, every fleece is different. i had it at the lake for our fourth celebration and there were many spinners around. they too fell under the spell of those lucious colors then touched it and their faces were priceless.
i'm going to keep going, spin it thick and loose for felting. maybe a bag or even slippers.
yesterday in preparation for the event, i knit and read by the pool. wanted to be fresh for the start of the tour!

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