Monday, July 13, 2015

stages 7-9 and a rest day

wow, summer is here. i've been spinning every day. not making huge, blogable progress, but spinning nonetheless. i keep working through the bag of little bits. it's completely addicting with my new response being... 'just let me finish this little bit'. it could really be just a little bit, or it could be the entire bit. it keeps the family on their toes.
so family. they got in the way of my power spinning this weekend.
the cornhill arts festival was saturday & sunday and my gal was a vendor in the emerging artist section. it is a long day to spend sitting in the sun watching the festival go by, so dad & i took shifts. he drove in and helped with the set up, hauling tables, product, etc. and i came up after lunch so we could switch. there was no way i could take the wheel, so i dug around for some knitting that needed finishing. i found the wool clogs that i had started back in april and knew they would be perfect.
 i could focus on the pattern, not lose my place with the counting and make some progress. by sunday i had finished one and made great progress it's mate.
the talent at this even is awesome. the young artist next to us (taylor smith)  had stunning paintings and prints. her colors were vibrant, i could just keep envisioning roving.
the chalk zone was directly across from us and sunday i arrived to find her sister creating this sea turtle.....
she worked all day in the blistering heat to complete it.
stunning! even the slipper enjoyed being part of the art!

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