Monday, July 6, 2015

stage 2 & stage 3

so now that i'm doing the tour, it will be all tour related talk.... not! let's look at how the first stage ended on july 4th,
sunset on canandaigua lake. it was a summer day with boat rides, game playing, picnic dinner, great friends, kids, kids, kids and spinning. i was glad that i had taken my wheel and my funky fiber as there were three fiber gals who took a look at it and agreed that it is not romney. i think it's icelandic as i keep finding guard hairs in it. the consensus is to spin it thick and loose to felt. i may make a booga bag ( haven't made one of those in years) or slippers.
yesterday i kept spinning but was interrupted with cuteness. how cute? behold~
a pumpkin hat, with a brown stem and leaves. it just makes me smile every time i see it....
isn't it even cuter up close? two leaves, brown stem, pumpkin sides, this is a winner. it's going to a little fella who is arriving at the end of october.
here's the second bobbin. i'll start plying this tomorrow. then i'll need to pick something, got lot's of choices which will make the choosing hard.

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