Wednesday, July 8, 2015

stages 4 & 5

yesterday was summer! hot, sunny, humid.... perfect for swimming. so i had a pool full of gals and lots of spinning time.
i plied the singles making sure to not have lots of twist. i estimate about 125 yds of aran/bulky yarn. it's stunning......
not what i wanted or expected. i may have some commercial yarn that will complement this nicely in a felted pattern. i'm leaning toward a bag.
so what to spin next. since i was on an 'itw' phase, i decided to stick with it. i purchased two bags of their odds and ends several years ago. i spun one bag as my first spinning project with my hansen. i pulled the remaining bag out and started to randomly pull out bobbles of fiber. i chuckled when the first bobble was exactly the fiber i just finished (that i know is not romney:) my thought is to spin this super-fine to navajo ply. that way i'll have long bands of color in a nice, round yarn.

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thecrazysheeplady said...

Yeah, that wasn't what I was expecting either from your pretty singles yesterday. I like it!