Saturday, July 25, 2015

stages 17-19

not a lot different on the spinning front. i'm still slogging along on the 'odds & ends'. the part that keeps me engaged and amused is the constant changes. the colors shift, the fiber is often different from bit to bit so i have to adjust my spinning. i've been on the road this week, and the first comment to the spinning is " wow, look at the color change".
today i'll be at the last bit, so i'll need to decide what to do next. i do have my anniversary fiber spun, so i may ply that instead.
i love checking out the official tour de france website to keep track of the real event. today i've been chuckling at the idea of being able to devote all that time to really being able to spin, play with fiber, etc. the reality is that life still goes on..... meals to prepare, lawns to mow, house to vacuum, dog to walk...... you know what i mean.
yesterday i did this......
re-certified for another year. it was a nice group this year. there was a wide variety of folks, and everyone was engaged. i enjoy this and truly hope that i never need to use the skills!
then there was this....
the last day of whitewater kayak camp. these are the locks on the canal. the water level is determined by boats in the locks, rain fall that leads to flooding, and course activity. the lock is quiet in this picture, and then active here....
the difference is crazy in person. the sound is what i always notice first... a gentle rush to a thundering roar! the course is long, curving over and around rocks and trees.
the idea is to make it between the markers as you race against another paddler. my paddlers skill set isn't at that point, but i think that the next level is in our immediate future!
it's a blast to watch them!

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thecrazysheeplady said...

Nice job! Enjoyed your Tour :-).