Thursday, August 1, 2013

that and this

summer is zipping by, so yesterday we decided to grab some fun! it was warm, sunny and calm so i was able to do that.....
to take a day to do this......

i eagerly volunteered to be a laborer for amythefibergoddess. in fact, i didn't really volunteer i just invited myself over to help. with her first fall show looming in the not-so-distant future, it was time to get down to serious work.
every dyer that i've been fortunate enough to see in action has their own unique process that works for them. i was humbled that she trusted me with her product and processing savvy.
as you can see, we were set up together and she guided me with the application of the color. at first, i was following her exactly, then i lost my sequence and went out on my own ;)

there are so many tricks and pitfalls with the process. each piece takes the dyes differently and the saturation leads to different colors....... the combinations are endless.
today we were working with blues, greens and purples. let me just add that saying the words -blue-green-purple is misleading. it is staggering the number of blues-greens-and purples there are. we were able to complete many skeins of yarn and several pots of roving.....
after five hours, i'm still eager to continue.... so i wrangled and invitation for next week!

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